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  • Zachary might have some pics soon.
  • Sean Cribbs weighs in on barcamp and provides the slides that accompanied his presentation on Radiant. I heard lots of comments on the high quality of this session so if you missed it and are interested in a lightweight content management system, have a look…
  • Here are the goods on Blaine’s Seaside talk.
  • Scott Hickey’s blog post about the weekend, his groovy slides, a link to a wav of his presentation (thanks, phil!), and an m3u. Wow.
  • if you want ot help pay for the pizza/juice thanks and please just paypal a few bucks to pete dot thomas at Half the pizza (50% donated) plus the juice came out to a little over ninety dollars so contributors greatly appreciated. Next year they/we will keep better track.
  • Alec pointed me at this post about Seaside. Based on some side conversation and the panel I thought others might be interested as well. And here is GemStone.

Just a note: some fellow Midwesterners are dealing with the aftermath of yesterday’s storms. Please keep them in your thoughts…

Happy Mother’s Day and congrats to everyone for running a really good BarCampKC this year. My favorite moments were listening to Tom state his strong opinions. clearly. and seeing Blaine‘s eyes light up every time he got to either hear or utter a sentence that included the word “Smalltalk”.

If you missed Tom discussing Rubinius and Merb check out this post from January for another perspective on what they are up to.

If you have links to content related to the event that you would like me to add to this post, just leave a comment and I’ll make sure and add something in the main body linking out to it.

For the purposes of this post let’s please refer to (jeff)isageek as (jeff)istheman since he set up the Tumblelog that aggregated a nice series of pics.

And here’s Tim’s presentation on Google Maps. Thank you, Tim! And thanks for having the guts to courageously represent the .Net side of things. You are truly brave…

What the hell is brightkite? You kids and your new-fangled web sites. This geezer can no longer keep up…

Thanks to Roasterie, Waldo Pizza, Boulevard, and of course Ad Astra for their strong sponsorship. Special thanks to Sarah Collins at AA for making sure everything ran smoothly for us and generally being cool.

And let’s not forget the music donated by none other than 1,000,000 Light Years. Patrick came on short notice and even sat in on many of the sessions. Check out his band 4th of July that even played CMJ and everything. Btw, the recording label, Range Life Records is run by his older brother.

The only crappy thing about the camp was realizing I met Jon Crawford a month too late. He talked with me about his plans to start something like a refresh Kansas City which I’d never heard of but was thrilled to learn about. Not only do I think it’s a really good idea but I think “refresh Kansas City” sounds way less awkward than “BarCampKC” and might attract more folks. The refreshes meet more often, too. In fact maybe the folks who go to the monthly refreshes could be the same folks who gradually put together an annual barcamp, democamp, or whatever. That could be fun.

There was also talk of doing something in conjunction with Omaha and perhaps other places to create a larger event. Ambitious? yes. But could be great…

Oh and, like I moron, I left the signin sheet (the one with all your email addresses on it) at Ad Astra. I was in a hurry to get Patrick back to Lawrence and then make it back for dinner with my family but in any case apologies for that gaffe and I’m going to try to track it down.

I’m signing off from the barcampkc ’08 blog.

Thanks people!

Oh and here are slides from the session on swaps.


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